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Full Body Waxing 


Hair Growth needs to be 1/4" or about 10 days. Recommended visits, before and after care will be discussed during appointments. 

A Hard wax, which is less painful and best for sensitive skin, will be used for face and bikini area.

A Soft wax for larger and less sensitive areas like legs, arms, back and chest will be used. 

Eyebrows $15

Lip $10

Chin $10

Face $35 (lip, Cheek, Chin, Brow)

Nose $10

Underarm $20

Half Arm $25

Full Arm $40

Half Leg $40

Full Leg $55

Full Leg + Bikini $65

Tummy Trail $10

Stomach $20

Bikini $30

French $40 (Landing Strip) 

Brazilian $45

Back $40

Chest $40



Tinting temporarily dyes the eyelashes or eyebrows. This is done to achieve that look of wearing mascara without having to apply make up daily. This is done to the brows to match your hair color if you color your hair or to tint pale eyebrows. For Blondes or Red Heads. 

Eyelashes: $20 20 Min

Eyebrows: $15 15 Min

With Brow Shape $25

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